Why Summit?



We bring passion to our work and the result has been continued success and personal relationships with associates and clients that we cherish.


We are committed to delivering the very highest level service and support to you and to your business. Each associate at Summit Financial takes pride in making sure that every experience we create for you and your employees is a positive one. We are keenly aware of what it takes to deliver excellence on a consistent basis and we always go the extra mile to exceed our clients high standards.


We are experts in our business, and we know that it takes ongoing improvement to maintain this edge. We believe in constantly enhancing our abilities - demonstarted by the impressive number of professional designations our associates possess. This mindset of innovative learning reflects the dedication we have to continually improve all of our client relationships.


We regard every client relationship as a special privilege. We demonstrate this by always being considerate and appreciative to those placing their trust in us. In return, we always strive to maintain our clients respect by exceeding expectations.


We are honored to have the real and genuine trust our clients place in us. Our seat at the table is right next to our clients as their most trusted advisors. We work hard to earn that seat every day because of our ability, our integrity, our character, and the fact that we do what is in their best interest.


We are completely independent when it comes to promoting every aspect of our clients benefit plan needs. We have no financial ties to any products, investments, or suppliers. We are committed to staying "revenue neutral" and delivering value in the spirit of a true consulting practice. Our clients know us as their business partners and educators, not their vendors.